Monday, June 3, 2019

Bad Habits Which Can Be Harmful For Your Teeth

You might find many people with the chronic habits of biting their nails and chewing on ice. These habits can be annoying for other people but this annoyance is not a big concern. The real issue is regarding the damage the teeth can get due to these harmful habits.

Here, it would be worth discussing the habits which can be harmful for your dental health.

Foods that can be dangerous for your teeth
Not all foods are created equal. And thus, there are certain foods and drinks that can be actually quite dangerous for your teeth and gums. Sugary, acidic and starchy foods can put your tooth enamel at the risk of getting damaged. The residue left behind after the consumption of such foods is very difficult to remove. This residue can provide sustenance to the oral bacteria which can leave acidic waste. This acidic waste triggers tooth decay, cavities and gum disease.

While it may be difficult to completely quit the consumption of these foods, you can reduce this consumption to a moderate amount in order to avoid the damage.

Going into the sports field without protection
Playing impact sports can help you enhance your physical endurance but you remain at the risk of having impacts from other players and objects during these sports. Your mouth is typically one of the most vulnerable areas in this regard. Impact of any hard object can make you land on the dentist’s chair for an emergency dental treatment. Good news is that it is quite easy to protect your oral cavity. You need to protect your teeth with the help of a mouth guard. A mouth guard is made to absorb the pressure which is generated as a result of any impact, saving your teeth from a sudden shock which can be dangerous.

Tobacco consumption
Tobacco is a troublesome item for your oral cavity from a number of different perspectives. The immediate effect of tobacco consumption is that it can stain your teeth. Moreover, it can cause issues in the blood circulation in the areas of oral cavity, leaving certain tissues vulnerable against infections. Tobacco consumption can also result in bad breath. If you use tobacco in any way, you need to make sure that you work to quit this habit for good.

Stress is not the direct cause of most of the dental problems but it is, in fact, the reason for a number of oral habits which can damage your teeth and oral cavity quite severely. For instance, you might start biting your nails under the influence of stress. Moreover, several people grind their teeth when they are stressful. In certain cases, stress can cause acid reflux which can be quite detrimental to the tooth enamel.

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